Photo albums

A picture is worth a thousand words—so please take a look at my photo albums to learn more about what our local host families and au pairs are up to during the year.
Reflecting back on 2010


So 2010 was a great year, we had some amazing au pairs and some amazing host families joined our program, here I will post some pictures from the last few months of the au pair meetings. Thanks to all who helped to make that year a good year. Of course […]

Raising money for Kids First, Garage sale in June 2010


At the Au Pair meeting in June we had a Garage Sale to raise money for “Kids first”. “Kids first” sponsors orphanages around the world in countries like Russia, South Africa, etc. Thank you to my au pairs for their hard work that day, we raised $67.75. Not much, but […]

Our South African Adventure


Recently I, as their LCC, was invited to the Au Pair Farewell party made by her Host Family. This inspired me share their story here on the website. I loved it and hope your hearts will be touched by this story as well. That is why we are part of […]